I am a clinical psychologist whose practice is based on Psychoanalysis.I have studied and worked in different fields as CBT , Psychoanalytic ( Jungian institute ) , ACT and ART.

There are More than fifteen years of experience as a therapist. I have been working since 2015 till this day in Sweden. I’m proud as a therapist with many positive results.  My office or my online counseling is a unique way to understanding your word from the psyche.

A part of my job is including research. My researches projects are almost always about immigrants. I have also been involved in some different projects at the University of Gothenburg and komun. My current project is about immigrants. In Persian, one of the best projects is art analysis based on unconsciousness’-theory with göteborgs Konsthall.

From the year 2016, she has started a community named Ardaviraf. I’ve extensive experience about the world in near relation based on histrionic-personality in a relationship with a narcissistic-personality.


Sara Shadabi