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Choosing another approach after the first level of CBT was mandatory. CBT was the first step in the process.

A few months later, I realized that the situation must be more, so I studied schema therapy. As my interest in psychodynamics, psychoanalysis, and psychoanalytic theory developed, I decided to pursue further study and become a licensed mental health counselor. Currently, I am a mental health counselor and assist others in finding balance in their own lives.

My dream of making the world a better place through research has been fulfilled through the IMER program at Götenborg University. As a result of this experience, I am able to pursue my passion and contribute to the advancement of mental health research. With my knowledge, I intend to make a positive contribution to the lives of those I serve by applying my skills and knowledge.

A high ranking was assigned to my second master’s thesis at the department of pedagogy. I worked hard with ten students at the SFI level and the results are coming out in a qualitative manner. It is my intention to continue this research and publish it in scientific journals. I am confident that it will positively impact the field in the future. I am very proud of the results and the effort I put into them.

Projects include:

1. THE NEW LANDER FOR 2018-2020

By working with new international students in Sweden, I was able to help them become less anxious and more integrated in their new environment. Furthermore, I provided them with resources to assist them in adjusting to their new environment, as well as assistance in social and cultural integration. I also provided support to their families.


Ardaviraf förening and Götebotgs Konsthal conducted a study of the archetypes and symbols behind modern art. This research was designed to identify the underlying themes within modern art as well as examine how art can be used to express ideas and emotions. As part of the study, art was also examined in relation to other aspects of society, including politics and culture.


The project has been implemented in five phases in collaboration with different non-profit organizations:

  1. stopohorkilling :

    In order to stop ohorkilling, we seek to educate people about the issue. We would also like to support organizations that are working to end ohorkilling as well as to raise awareness of the issue, encourage people to take action, and advocate for laws that will protect vulnerable people. In order to create a healthier future for everyone, we want to ensure our message is heard and action is taken. We want to create an environment in which ohorkilling is no longer tolerated.

  2. Activism by Rahayees:

    Improve Iranian group workers’ psychological skills through workshops and design education. Rahayee Activism aims to empower Iranian group workers to be agents of social change. In addition to facilitating campaigns to advocate for marginalized communities’ rights, they will also be able to come up with innovative solutions to social challenges.

  3. With teachers in the future:

    Developing workshops and education for teachers in a pedagogical perspective. These workshops should focus on topics such as classroom management, teaching methods, and technology integration. They should also emphasize the importance of collaboration among teachers. Finally, the workshops should include opportunities to share best practices and ideas.

  4. With parents in the future:

    Educate parents through workshops. Provide parents with resources on how to help their children with their studies. Offer parents the opportunity to volunteer in the classroom. Encourage parents to get involved in school activities.

  5. Psychology and ethics:

    Design workshops and education for Iranian psychologists. These workshops and education should focus on the importance of ethical decision-making, informed consent, and confidentiality. Additionally, psychologists should be trained in the importance of recognizing and avoiding conflicts of interest.


Sara Shadabi